Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grand Opening White Rabbit "Fusion" Cafe

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White Rabbit "Fusion" Cafe  8316 Winnetka Ave in Canoga Park, California.

The theme for the White Rabbit's 1st brick and mortar restaurant debut of success reminds me of the new kids on the block song called You Got It (The Right Stuff baby!) Enjoy the fruits of your hardwork! White Rabbit.

November 28th 2010 marks a milestone for 3 courageous young Filipino men that had a dream of feeding Los Angeles with their twist on traditional Filipino/Mexican food with a talented chef named James Du. The other White Rabbit partners Melvin Chua who is a big part of the creativity behind their menu and keeps the press update on their food innovations, along with Mike Dimaguila who keeps the operations flowing right and gets in there to make it run correctly when the mobile kitchen gets busy.

Photo Description:
Mike Dimaguila Co-Owner (LF) James Du Chef/Co-Owner (CTR) Melvin Chua Co-Owner (RT)

These entrepreneurs are not afraid to get their hands dirty and make no excuses for bad days, but have had more successful days, I should know. I have followed them from their first day on the road and have watched this team successfully open up their first brick and mortar called White Rabbit "Fusion" Cafe  located in Canoga Park, California at 8316 Winnetka Ave (Roscoe/Winnetka). It was a great turnout of hundreds of White Rabbit fans along with some great music by a popular LA Hip Hop band called Rhythm Natives and the Spin Master DJ JKino. Also, invited was Rick from Tropical Shave Ice who created a special concoction for the Grand Opening called "Halo Halo" a popular Filipino dessert made with Sweetened white and red beans, coconut, and jack fruit to name a few of the delicious ingredients.

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  Rhythm Natives rocking it out!

Photo Description:
The Spin Master DJ-JKino rocking the house.

Photo Description:
Rick owner, Tropical Shave Ice debuts the Halo Halo Filipino dessert with Big Tony Ragu

I'm proud to see this type of progress and the White Rabbit team is a good example of what happens when you do it right, congratulations to the White Rabbit team. Please enjoy the video interview at the Grand opening with some special moments, along with some great photos of the day by Archi Prodencio.

Photo Description:
White Rabbit twist on traditional pork sisig made with white onions, shredded pork belly, jalapeno, garlic, lemon juice for an acidic bite and a dash of Chef Du's love! Excellently executed.

Photo Description:
chicken adobo taco made with braised chicken and White Rabbit secret spices. Awesome!

Photo Description:
White Chocolate Champorado a classic Filipino dessert made with smooth sweet white chocolate, sticky sweet rice, sugar, vanilla extract, and condensed milk. Its sweet and wonderful for your taste buds.

Note: Sorry, but there was supposed to be another dessert image called the Creme Brule Toast, but it was so good I forgot to take a picture before devouring it. Next time...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sanrio (Hello Kitty) 50th Anniversary VIP Party

This photo says it all. A 50 year old character named Hello Kitty from the creative people at Sanrio can still make anyone smile. Sanrio is celebrating a golden anniversary, which opens to the public starting on Nov. 12th thru Nov. 21st 2010. During the next 10 days of this celebration there will be 30 of LA's hottest gourmet food trucks displayed in the mobile food court. See the Sanrio website for more information.

We enjoyed the VIP Pre party on Nov. 11, which included many celebrities such as Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou, Jackie Chan, and Erik Estrada to name a few. We enjoyed the way Sanrio converted the Santa Monica based Barker Hangar into a carnival setting that any kid or young at heart adult would love. It reminded me of a sophisticated carnival with an animated touch that only Sanrio's creative minds could think up. Enjoy the Video recap and Food Truck Interviews below.

Photo Description:
Owner Neil Macleod (LF) Actor Erik Estrada (Center) Big Tony Ragu (RT)

The Shrimp Pimp truck was serving up some awesome shrimp dishes and caught the attention of Actor Erik Estrada of the "CHIPS" TV show. Enjoy the entertaining interview.