Ragu Approved Info

Gourmet Food Truck List    Restaurant List-Coming Soon

The criteria for making the Ragu Approved list is that your establishment has proven to meet the following standards.

  • Your brick and mortar restaurant or mobile food restaurant must serve menu items that reflect USDA quality standards.
  • You must maintain the same high quality of food on a consistent basis.
  • Your staff is customer service oriented. Customers are held at a high regard.
  1. You have a consistent service quality.
  2. You personalize the customers visit.
  3. You have a process in place to address customer concerns.

Your establishment maintains an "A" rating and is kept in a clean and organized manner in accordance with Department of Public Health - Facility Rating for each state and county your business is registered. *Mobile Food trucks exempt until letter grading system in place 2011.

This is what a Ragu approved food business must maintain to receive the seal of a Food and Customer service excellence. The new standard of consistent high quality.

Gourmet Food Truck List    Restaurant List-Coming Soon