Friday, October 1, 2010

First Friday's in Venice, Ca at The Brig

New Flavors of Gourmet Food Trucks ride the roadway of Success!

I have always liked this picture, and I figured out why while I was looking through my memory chest. The man shown in the sign reminds me of my cousin who was a famous Italian boxer named Giacobbe or what we  kids called our uncle "Giaco"or Jacob, but the public knew him as middleweight boxing champ Jake LaMotta. He is a good man despite the controversy during his boxing life, in July he celebrated his 89th birthday. Now onto the food adventure!

Photo Description:
Zach Scherer Sous Chef  (LF) Chef/owner David Fune (C)
Danielle Struwe Event Coordinator (C-RT)  Chad Fune Av/owner (RT)

When I think of a gourmet food truck with classically trained chefs, the Vizzi truck team comes to mind. Their menu reflects a team of dedicated chefs that are raising the bar in normal truck fare. They have menu items such as:

  • Braised American Waygu sliders- served with a sweet Maple-Balsamic hand shredded BBQ Beef, Chimichurri-Crème Fraiché (In France crème fraiche is unpasteurized, but in the US crème fraiche (pasteurized cream method) is made 2 ways such as; To simply allow heavy cream with about a tablespoon per cup ratio of yogurt or buttermilk added. The mixture sits at room temperature for 12-24 hours. The more common method of making crème fraiche is to heat the cream first, and then add the yogurt or buttermilk to the heated cream. Again the crème fraiche sits out at room temperature for up to a day. Both French and US Methods allows the crème fraiche to be refrigerated and kept for up to about 7 days.) Sauce, with a Cilantro-Scallion finish.

  • Lavosh Chicken Piadina- Made with Jidori Chicken (Japanese term meaning "chicken of the Earth." These chickens are fresh, all-natural, no hormones, free range and eat the best feed. Jidori chickens are extremely fresh that some Japanese restaurants even serve them sashimi-style), Heirloom Tomato Salsa, Crème Fraiché-Chimichurri Sauce, Brie, Queso Fresco.

  • Statham Spaghetti-made with a Garlic Cream & Black Forest Ham Reduction that simmers for 3 hours, which I have made personally. The Fune brothers along with Zach have helped create a gourmet menu that has been received well by hungry followers. Stay tuned for their special fall revolving menu coming soon.

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Sumant Pardal of India Jones Chow truck front cover of AAA Westways Oct. 2010.
Big Congrats!!

There comes a time when you can look back at the fruits of your labor and smile proudly of an accomplishment. This is one of those times. Sumant is a humble chef who has 25 plus years of being a successful restauranteur, which runs in the family. Sumant is a chip off the old block as his father started in the restaurant business back in 48 in Jaipur, India.

You must try Sumant's Northern India fare as his menu is traditional with a twist, its a Wow! from his Frankie to his Butter Chicken, both are crowd favorites. Also, joining us was Matt Geller CEO of  So Cal MFVA, who defends, educates, and works hard for the food truck owners that we get to enjoy each day roaming the streets through his collaborative great efforts, that you will experience watching the special video interview with both Chef Sumant and Matt. I thank Chef Sumant and Matt Geller for allowing me to share this wonderful interview with all of you. Please enjoy.

Photo Description:
Kabob N' Roll Mediterranean truck on Abbot Kinney

The owners of Kabob N' Roll Wael (pronounced Y. L.) and Chrissy Khalil who are from Egypt serve up some of the greatest authentic Mediterranean food in LA. The menu is inspired by Wael's mom Farida who has a menu item named after her called Farida's Famous Falafel, a favorite amongst the vegan friendly folks. She can be seen greeting and serving their loyal customers at the window in the video interview below.

When you visit be sure to say Hi and tell them Big Tony Ragu sent you! Wael is very passionate about his food and his customers. He can be seen chatting with them or helping them decide what to try. Enjoy the food pic and video interview of the foods we tried.

Photo Description:
Farida's Falafels (LF) Chicken Kabob-well seasoned (RT) Dolmas-stuffed grape leaves (C)

Photo Description:

Owner Rob Ananian of Greenz on Wheelz (LF) BBQ Chicken salad is playing himself (RT)

We have been to the Greenz on Wheelz truck a few times, but caught up with them at First Friday's. Rob comes from a restaurateur's background, boasts of his vegan friendly menu, which passed the test. Rob's experience with restaurants is displayed by his creation of the signature BBQ sauce that was used in the menu items that we tried are carried at Whole Foods under the name Dee's Original. Enjoy the video interview. 

Photo Description:
Chinese Chicken Salad- made with romaine lettuce mix, almonds, water chestnuts, green onion, crispy noodles, sesame seeds, and finished with a rice vinegar infused tangy dressing. 

Photo Description:
Tuna Melt-Cheddar cheese, tomato, ortega chili with a side of BBQ.


  1. Great looking food pics, and loved all the little videos, thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for the compliments.