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First Fridays in Venice at the Brig on Abbot Kinney August 6th

The Stretch of real estate on the 1500 Block of Abbot Kinney is right along the way to the famed Brig in Venice Ca, is now the site of a Gourmet Food Truck food extravaganza. The1st Friday of every month over 30 plus food trucks come out to share their culinary delights along Abbot Kinney. Follow me as we hunt down and sample a few of those wonderful 30 plus gourmet food trucks. So many choices, Love that!!!

My first stop was the Border Grilll, a modern twist on traditional Mexican dishes. I was met by a friendly guy named Dino aka Mr sexy-look for  the guy with the hat (His tip jar says the more you tip the sexier you will become). I don't know if that is true, but after eating the Green Corn Tamale cup and the Crispy Baja Fish Tacos. I did have a lil swagger about me... Hmmm maybe its does work, Ole! Their other Menu items are a must try too.Yumilious rating 10 ++.

Green Corn Tamale

Description: A sweet corn Masa, crema, salsa fresca served in a sno cone cup.

Crispy Baja Fish Taco


Description: Crispy fried Fish, Chipotle honey, and creamy salsa fresca.

The next stop was the Kabob N' Roll Gourmet Mobile Mediterranean truck. I was met by the sweetest young lady and her uncle Y.L. who manages Kabob N' Roll. We tried their Falafel with Pita Sandwich; a well seasoned ground chickpea and fava bean mixture that was fried to perfection, with lettuce, and a mild Taziki Sauce wrapped in a fresh Pita Bread. This was my 1st time at this gourmet truck and they did not let me down. I say shukran pronounced - shock- run to Y.L. for serving delicious food. I will be back to try other selections on there wonderful menu.

  Falafel with Pita sandwich: Image coming Soon.....

We needed a slight change and decided to try something sweet and cool . We found just that in a brand new gourmet food truck just out a few weeks. They were debuting for the first time at the Brig's 1st Fridays Street food party. I was met by Co owner Joe Spallone and his dad Rob Spallone from The NY Ice Connection, a Gourmet Italian Ices Truck. The Menu Items are named after Gangsters.

We ordered the Cherry Capone and the Bumpy Chocolate Johnson ices, The ices were soft and smooth, the way ices are supposed to be. The flavors were strong through out the entire mouth melting experience with a nice surprise of small chocolate pieces in the Bumpy Chocolate Johnson ices we ordered were friggin great! You will feel like your in little Italy in New york, with the Italian themed music playing in the background, the bold NY Styling of the truck's graphics, and of course the New York owners authentic accents. Watch it Pal! LOL. The NY Ice Connection is making you an offer you can't refuse so check out their other great menu items or else! BTW the Spallone's are from my old stumping grounds of Queens, New York.

The end of my food journey for the night ended at one of LA's best gourmet food trucks for Spanish Tapas. The PapasTapasTruck. Mike Muccia the co owner and chef saved me some TriTip (shhhh don't tell anyone.) You will find out why? later in the paragraph. We came for one of the popular menu items the famous Croquetas, but Julia Muccia Mike's lovely wife said "We have Sold Out!" Mike and Julia saw it was BigTonyRagu and said come back in 30 minutes.

Mike had our favorite dish from their truck the TriTip Tacos, the meat is so soft that you can cut it with a fork, the lovely sweet aroma of the spanish spices such as coriander, paprika, and sofrita (ajicitos-sweet chilis, cilantro, spanish Onions, oregano, olives, pimentos, and garlic to name a few spices) which adds a nice kick to your palate. Their warm fresh tortilla massages your mouth while the sofrita indulges your senses further to finish your total TriTip experience off into flavor orbit, BAM! Oh yes, its that amazing!

The end of the night was great as The Muccia family places up the one sign of a successful night in the gourmet food truck world. I hope you enjoyed this exciting food adventure. Look for the PapasTapasTruck Featured article coming up at the end of August.Until the next food adventure, happy eating!

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