Monday, August 2, 2010

India Jones and the Last Crusade; Taking the Frankie to the Streets!

What's a Frankie you ask? A Frankie is India Jones Chow Trucks Owner Sumant Pardal's version of  Northern Indian Street food wrapped in a Roti (unleavened (no Yeast) flat-bread made from atta flour (whole wheat-flour made from hard wheat) as in contrast to the Indian bread naan which is a yeast-leavened bread.) of delicious Indian spices such as; dried mango powder, turmeric, black salt to name a few with fresh Cilantro, Tamarind Chutney, onions, and egg make the Frankie a mouthful of flavor to be bring you back to the traditional Northern Indian way of  cooking. See his Menu for more selections.

History: Sumant's 33 years of influence in cooking started with his dad back in 1948. He started cooking when he was 17 and has run and owned restaurants from Indian, Cuban, French to Mexican cuisine. Sumant's last successful venture was an Indian restaurant called the "East India Grill" on La Brea /Beverly that he sold. He traveled and experienced other ethnics cuisines to further his culinary point of view. Sumant's inspiration for opening up the India Jones Chow Truck was Kogi BBQ Truck and his own passion to bring Northern Indian food to the streets.

I have been to this Gourmet truck 3 times now and the food has been consistently wonderful. I met up with Sumant and his lovely wife Susanne at the Long Beach Food Fest on July 24th. I ordered a Lamb Frankie, Kemma Paratha, and an order of Samosa Spring Rolls. The Lamb on the Frankie was soft and tender. The Frankie was seasoned with the fresh strong flavor of Cilantro with hints of citrus accompanying the sweetness of the Tamarind Chutney, and crunch of the onion finished this handful of tasty street food.

The Keema
(Spicy Minced meat with flavors of Cinnamon, cardoman, Turmeric) Paratha (whole wheat flat bread, fried in oil.) is flavored with sweet and tangy mango powder with the hint of the smokey nutty cumin flavor that creates a well balanced Indian quesadilla shaped meal with the chili infused Kemma complete this delicious finger food.

The Samosa Spring Rolls are a cross between a crunchy Chinese Eggroll and a Mexican Empanada. You can taste the smooth salty taste of the potato along with the sweet flavors of curry, peas, and ginger with the pop of  heat from the chili and ginger along with the tangy Mustard Seed flavor makes for one great tasting vegetarian selection.

I would like to add that The India Jones Chow truck was a finalist in the 1st annual LA Vendy Awards (equal to the academy awards of food truck vendors) back in May of 2010. Please See Contact Information below. 

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