Saturday, December 11, 2010

Truck N' Toys Food Truck Event in San Pedro

Follow Your Dreams: Your Help Makes Dreams Come True!

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Danielle (LF) P. Miller Cymphonique Miller Big Tony Ragu (C) Chad Fune Dave Fune Glenn De Baca (RT)

On this Day, Dec.11 the theme was giving back. There was over 15 plus gourmet food trucks of various cuisines from great eatz to sweets along with a special appearance from P. Miller and his lovely daughter Cymphonique Miller whose charities include Urban born. This event was about food trucks raising awareness about children who might not have a Christmas with the joy of opening presents. Eric Nakata of the Japanese-Peruvian fusion truck Lomo Arigato was able to use his contact with P. Miller and his close relationship with Vizzi truck to put on this great event about giving back to less fortunate children through their charity The Boys and Girls Club of San Pedro. See awesome pics of kids with gifts.

Here are some other super stars that attended and supported this wonderful event:

Vizzi Truck (@VizziTruck)
The Shrimp Guys (@TheShrimpGuys)
Lomo Arigato (@LomoArigato)
Ludo Truck (@LudoTruck)
Crepenʼ Around (@CrepenAround)
White Rabbit Truck (@WhiteRabbitTruk)
Tropical Shave Ice (@TropShaveIce)
Louks To Go (@LoukstoGo)
The Comfort Truck (@ComfortTruck)
Auto Creamery (@AutoCreamery)
Knock Out Taco (@KOTacoTruck)
Dim Sum Truck (@DimSumTruck)
Oh For Sweet Sake (@OhForSweetsSake)
Grill emʼ All (@GrillemAllTruck)
The Greasy Wiener (@TheGreasyWiener)
Sugar Babies (@Sugar_Babies)
Tapa Boy (@TapaBoyLA)
The Shrimp Pimps (@ShrimpPimpTruck)

Enjoy some special cuisine pics that the super stars created for this cool event:

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Chef Dave Fune of the Vizzi truck showing off their awesome new menu item the Wedge’ Salad: Made with black chimichurri dressing, bacon, pickled onion, winter tomato, and bleu cheese. Two thumbs up!

Photo Description:
Ryan Harkins from Grill Em All truck who made this awesome Quin-Behemoth for Big Tony Ragu, which was given to a fan. The Quin-Behemoth: Made with 5 grilled cheese sandwiches, 5 1/3 lb delicious 80%/20% ground beef chuck burgers, 15 pieces of apple wood smoked bacon, 1/2 lb beer soaked onions, and 5 thick slices of smoked cheddar. Awesome!

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Auto Creamery owners Boyd and Debbie displaying their fresh fruit ices, which are made in their original fruit shells; some of the flavors include coconut, mango, and lemon. Sweet and Refreshing treat!

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Big Tony Ragu and P. Miller (Aka Ice Cream Man) of BBTV talking about his relating to the gourmet food trucks entrepreneurship as a parallel to his own life. Urban Born a charity which is near and dear to his heart, provides workshops and programs, teaching positive life and career skills. Their motto: “It’s Easier To Catch On Now, Than To Catch Up Later.” Additionally, P. Miller's daughter Cymphonique has a big heart for a 14 y/o. She is a great supporter of Urban Born and assisted in helping on this event. You can hear her new single "Follow Your Dreams" on their website as well on the video below during the credits at the end. She is a rising new star with a new show out on Nickelodeon in 2011. P. Miller and Cymphonique Miller have proven that giving back is what it's all about. Thank you!

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This picture depicts some of the 700+ toys raised by the Truck N' Toys drive on Dec.11th by food truck fans and food truck operators. The toys were divided up between the Urban Born Charity supported by the Millers. The other charity was The Boys and Girls Club of San Pedro supported by the gourmet food trucks and Glenn. Big thanks to Danielle Struwe, Vizzi truck team, and Eric Nakata from Lomo Arigato for having big hearts to start a wonderful event of giving back and inviting me out to share this story.

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Thanks to Leomar Ignacio who is the Middle School Volunteer Coordinator from the Los Angeles Harbor Boys and Girls Club of San Pedro for sending me this awesome photo of the younger children enjoying their presents, which was donated by the Truck N' Toys event on Dec.11th. Nice to see smiling faces. Great Job!

Photo Description:
Thanks to Leomar Ignacio from the Los Angeles Harbor Boys and Girls Club of San Pedro for sending me this photo from the 11-Up age group included in the festivities. You can see the joy on their faces.


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