Saturday, January 8, 2011

Big Tony Ragu Invades the OC

If you have not ventured out to the Orange County area, you're missing out on some great gourmet food trucks. I will take you on a food adventure through some great OC finds. Awesome crowd on a dark cloudy lunch run on a weekend day. Enjoy the food pics and video interviews below of OC food trucks.

Lisa and Al from the Oh For Sweets Sake cupcakery truck decided to use their unique relationship with fellow truckers to put on this cool event in Fountain Valley, Ca, which was a success. Check out some of their sweet delights below, but they do serve a savory menu, but call ahead to see if the secret savory menu is being made that day.

Photo Description:
Chocolate banana cupcakes w/mocha buttercream frosting and dark cocoa chips.

Photo Description:
Blueberry/lemon buttermilk cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Photo Description:
Team Short Stop: Alex HonorĂ© (LF) Andrew’s wife Mary (C) Andrew HonorĂ© (RT)

Team Short Stop stays true to BBQ tradition as low and slow, but delivers an explosion of Memphis and North Carolina styles with a twist of California style under tones to create some tasty Hickory and Applewood smoked BBQ. Enjoy the pics below and video interview featuring the Tri-tip Bleu Cheese Slaw BBQ sammy.

Photo Description:
Holiday Turkey: Turkey Smoked for 6-hours, melted cheddar cheese, and Short Stop's chili-cranberry BBQ sauce made daily on a toasted brioche bun. Slightly sweet with a mild smokey flavor.

Photo Description:
BBQ Frites, The original: Pulled pork butt is slowly hickory smoked for 15-hours, cheddar cheese, and smothered in Short Stop's BBQ sauce a top Kennebec potatoes-Has a nutty flavor, usual found on progressive menus. A sharp mustard kick with a hint of sweet Memphis style, combined with a Carolina style apple cider bite that just explodes onto your taste buds.

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