Thursday, July 15, 2010

Its Hot and Up pops the Lake Street Creamery on Twitter

When it comes to today, it was hot 95º in Burbank. I just shared a nice lunch at the Dim Sum truck and I was looking for something sweet and refreshing. Yes i know I could get a plain old soda but I wanted something to tantalize my tastebuds.... I found it alright at the corner of Orange/Lexington in Glendale. What you might ask I found? It was an experience I was not prepared for.

I parked my truck and off I went to explore what this light blue truck had for me. Well, I must say it was so incredible I still smile as I read this.. I was met by a nice lady by the name of Beth and her partner Tim whom were eager to help me decide what I should order (Menu). The trucks name you ask? "The Lake Street Creamery Truck (TLSCT) of course. They have a very unique menu of Gourmet Ice cream pared with wonderful flavors of Cane Sugared based sodas to make their incredible delicious floats. When I say Gourmet Ice Cream, its sophisticated, exotic flavors presented in an artful way. The TLSCT does just that by mixing Homemade smooth velvety soft creamy ice cream made from the freshest ingredients such as Organic Stremicks heritage foods Milk. Yes, there is more but shhhhhh!!! Beth and Tim are keeping it a secret for now...

For example, the California Zephyr flavor starts off with a Hint of Tahitian Vanilla, with a sweet tart taste of a Meyer Lemon and finishes off with a smooth cool Mint flavor, it was just wonderful, tried the Holiday Chocolate, which made me want to stay on a vacation at the TLSCT, you can taste the sweet flavors of the nutmeg paired with the sweet Cinnamon and Tahitian Vanilla but then there is that spicy kick at the end to wake up my Taste buds and say "Wow! Hit me again Sam!" We then tried the signature float called the Runaway with Cherry Bomb Ice cream with Boylan Black Cherry soda just smooth and delicious with that nice sweet cherry pie taste, Yes its was the Da Bomb! The kicker was the Jelly Donut Ice cream float Yes, You read that right, how you ask, well they have figured out how to make donut flavored ice cream OMG!! and pair it with Boylan Black Cherry soda and its was the most amazingly scrumptious Ice Cream soda I have ever had in my life! Hands down an experience you should not miss! Please see Contact information below.

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