Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look up in the sky its plane, a bird No Its the Flying Pig Truck!

It was a warm Thursday night and up popped a twit from the Flying Pig Truck (Pig1) who announced that they were in Pasadena for a late night snack next to target on Colorado Blvd. You cannot miss the Big Pink Colored truck with the smiling Pig with Wings logo. I have read numerous reviews on this truck and I wanted to experience this unique pigaliousiness menu.
Hmm is "pigaliousiness" a word well it is tonight!!! LOL.

I was met by Owner Joe Kim and his great Chefs Jamir and Gabe who were Friendly and cool to chat with.

I ordered the sliders, Pork Belly, and Spicy Pork taco. You ask, was it good? well 4 Sliders, 3 Spicy Pork Tacos, and 2 Pork Bellies later. Hell Yes!!! I saw the FlyingPIG truck in Burbank a few weeks later and enjoyed the sliders and Smoked Chicken taco. Sorry for the bite marks in the picture below, it was too good to wait to take the picture....

The Sliders, are made with well seasoned beef & pork blend with red onion escabeche (The marinade is common in Spanish cuisine usually vinegar based, but can also include citrus juice for the acidity.), pickled sesame cucumber, banana mustard (Sweet Tangy compliment to the escabeche marinaded red onions), on a toasted sweet Hawaiian bun to complete this wonderful layers of flavor.

The Pork Belly on a Bao bun served with braised pork belly with red onion escabeche, pickled sesame cucumber, death sauce (a well balanced mixture of sweet and heat) on a steamed bao bun (is a type of steamed, filled bun or bread-like (i.e. made with yeast) item used in various Chinese cuisines).

Smoked chicken, a hickory-smoked chicken thigh taste reminds me of Barbecuing on an outside grill with the lighly sweet mango slaw, kissed with the honey-roasted peanuts that adds a nice crunch, and the green curry aioli complements this scrumptious Asian Fusion taco.

Spicy Pork Tacos, marinated pork shoulder with green papaya (A slightly tart flavored fruit that is rich in an enzyme called papain, a protease which is useful in tenderizing meat and other proteins), black sesame seeds, cilantro cream, and death sauce complete a spicy porkalious great tasting lip smacking taco. Joe and Team FlyingPig truck have an amazing Menu.

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