Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rock'in N Rolling with a 7oz of Chuck on a Saturday Night.

Tonight we were just kicking back and undecided of what to do for a late night meal. Its too hot to cook and delivery did not appeal to us. You guessed it, we logged into twitter to see what's happening in the food truck deliciousness world tonight.

This was our second visit to this Gourmet food truck who puts a twist on the way they serve their Grilled meat. I'm talking about Grill Em All Truck. You're met by Chef and co-owner Ryan and co-owner Matt who are friendly humorous guys.

Since we love the spicy heat, we decided on the "Waste Em All" Gourmet Burger, they start with a well seasoned 80/20 7oz ground chuck meat patty, then top it off with marinated spicy green chilies, pepper jack cheese-creamy and buttery flavor of jack cheese with the intensity of spicy peppers, and beer soaked onions- you can taste the sweet caramelized flavor of the onion enhanced with the mild hint of the beer's hoppy flavor on a fluffy but hardy tasting bun, that brings this palate pleasing Gourmet Burger to the next level.

We got daring and tried the special of the night called the "Dee Snider," it was a delicious patty top with a creamy, crunchy, and salty Peanut Butter with a lovely sweet Strawberry Jelly, Sriracha (is the name for a Thai hot sauce named after the seaside city of Si Racha, in the Chonburi Province of central Thailand, where it was first produced. It is a paste of chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. Traditional Thai Sriracha tends to be tangier, sweeter, and thinner than non-Thai, which is often thicker in texture.) and of course generous slices of luscious apple wood smoked bacon!! Need I say more. My mouth said Oh yea!! and my tummy said its my turn next baby! We added some scrumptious Truffle oil tossed Gourmet fries to the end of a wonderful and satisfying Gourmet meal at a reasonable price. Ryan and Matt bring back the word "Gourmet" to an amazing Menu with a hint of Love! Yumilious scale 10++. Don't miss this wonderful Gourmet burger experience. We didn't!
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